In this end of the year blog, I decided to share some ideas for resolutions for school administrators for the new year! I served in various roles in my 28 years of public education and I never stopped learning – either from my colleagues, students or at conferences. I also was not afraid to take chances that had, at times, calculated risks associated with them. Throughout it all, I did have some key takeaways from my experiences….perhaps you can relate to them or even use them.

They are in no order and I hope they are helpful!

  1. Be at school when your students are arriving. They will appreciate it and the parents will as well.
  2. Don’t get too “high about the highs” and too “low about the lows.” Amazingly, the bad days are equalized by the good days.
  3. Help one more student per week.
  4. Call home to the parents about positive things a student has done. Call at dinner time or in the evening if you really want to make a statement!
  5. Grow your teachers into educational leaders. If you have a teacher or two that you believe would be a great administrator, sit down and have a heart to heart talk with them! We need good/great school leaders.
  6. Don’t be afraid of changing things at your school. Remember, if it wasn’t for change, we all would not be where we are today.
  7. Don’t hesitate to delegate! You can’t do it all; if you could, your staff would probably laugh at the red cape draped over your back!
  8. Remember you belong to a school community. Start meeting with the business organizations, civic clubs, clergy, etc. They are always willing to help out.
  9. Never stop learning! Read one more education article a week – just don’t throw the magazine on the pile on your desk.
  10. Take some time for yourself! Get rid of that stress by exercising, screaming into a pillow or dancing in your office (just make sure the door is closed!)

May you all have a happy, healthy 2017!

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