What is aSAP!?

aSAP! is a revolutionary program, developed by EDS with the assistance of Pennsylvania educators, that streamlines the entire Student Assistant Program from start to finish.

The result? Much higher efficiency than using paper and pencil.

Beginning with initial referrals from staff and ending with the completion of end-of-year reports, aSAP! handles it all in an easy-to-use manner.

Highlights of the program include:

Completely Electronic

No more paperwork! SAP coordinators have the flexibility of coordinating their efforts electronically with no worry about keeping all of their information on notepads.
Manage the cumbersome end-of-year report – FORM 4092 – with easy uploads and submission to the state.
Users are able to request/collect observations via email
Parent permission slips are included
Letters for parents are customizable to include school letterhead

Collaborate with Your Team

Decide who is involved — including outside school agencies — and allow access to case information, if necessary.
Compile multiple observations for easy comparison
SAP coordinator or team can develop interventions for the student
Staff can be assigned to the SAP process as necessary

Always be up to date

System integrates seamlessly with most Student Information Systems
All student and school information is stored in a safe, secure environment