HIBster Anti-Bullying Software is a sponsor of Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary School & Bruce Street School for the Deaf’s field trip to FunTime Junction for the second graders to Bounce Out Bullying!, and a character education seminar for our fourth graders.

All in all, the second graders learned a lot about bullying and had fun bonding with their classmates. Multiple students who attended the FunTime Junction gave their feedback about the event. One student stated,

“I learned that there are different ways that someone might do something: on purpose, by accident, or being a bully.”

Another student said,

“FunTime Junction taught me about being a bully. It taught me to be nice and say sorry if someone trips over my foot. I know how to react to a bully now.”

The older fourth grade students learned the differences among an argument, a conflict, a fight, and bullying, and how to resolve issues peacefully.
Upon attending the event, one student stated that the learning activities taught him that,

“Bullies can’t control us. We can stop them by telling a teacher.”

Principal Thomas and Vice Principal Gabriel stated that the students significantly benefited from all of the program offerings!

“Our learning community discovered that they each have the power to stand up to bullying and violence: Expressing how one feels firmly, walking away from a negative situation, and talking to a responsible adult are effective ways for removing the bully’s power.During our 2017/2018 school year, we will continue to implement programs where our students will learn to channel positive energy, build robust friendships, and Bounce Out Bullying!”.

HIBster Anti-Bullying Software encourages other schools to do similar anti-bullying events with their students. We support the bonding of classmates to help create a positive school climate among students and teachers.

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