EDS is committed to continue with its growth in student and teacher support programs. In the fall of 2017, we are happy to release our latest program. Called EduHelper, this new program is geared towards helping administrators, teachers, counselors and intervention specialists with any questions/concerns they may face in their jobs.

Let’s face it…..being an educator today is tough. Let our experienced team help you!

The EduHelper program offers the following highlights:

  • Email our Education Consultant for any academic or behavior concerns including strategies and interventions
  • Contact our Director of Education for any school operations question or professional development needs
  • Professional development programs through our online Onspire PD program
  • Webinars focusing on the following:
    • Our current software programs including sections on frequently asked questions
    • Student or classroom specific questions
    • Administrative questions/support
    • Teaching strategies for special needs students
    • Developing a high level MTSS, RtI, RTII or I and RS team
    • Other topics of interest
    • Note/Disclaimer: The information provided by our specialists are recommendations. Please continue to follow the practices, procedures and policies of your school district and state and/or federal guidelines or consult with your district’s solicitor.

Our Team of Specialists

Our EduHelper team is composed of educators and staff trained on our school support software programs and have years of experience in the K – 12 field. With experience in counseling, consulting and school administration, our team is ready to help.

For more detailed information about our specialists, please contact Dr. Jim Budzilek at [email protected] or email [email protected]