HIBster Anti-Bullying Software Features

Report incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying

HIBster is an anti-bullying, web based software package that provides the ability to collect, organize, evaluate and generate reports for HIB incidents. The program allows users to follow procedures of the law electronically from one spot, making compliance with anti-bullying laws much more feasible.

What does HIBster do?

  • Collects incidents. When a student, parent, employee, volunteer or visitor wishes to report an incident, they may do so (anonymously) using either a form on the school’s website (see below) or a form included with the system. Incidents are also added manually by authenticated users.
  • Modifies incidents. When an investigation is conducted, users may enter all the details in HIBster and make any changes that are necessary. The incidents may be shared with other users and even assigned to each other after entering a digital signature.
  • Generates reports. Administrators must then generate reports. Users can create different types of reports based on specific criteria (names, dates, location, etc). Completed reports may be saved as PDF files and either mailed or e-mailed to each other.
  • Stores incidents and reports. Incident data and reports will be safely stored and protected on secure servers for up to 99 years, in case a report needs to be reviewed or examined.
  • Manages tasks. To avoid confusion among users, HIBster customizes and organizes all required tasks as per their anti-bullying legislation. Users can mark when a task is due and when it has been completed, and be alerted when a deadline is approaching.
  • Automates forms. HIBster eliminates the need to fill out additional paperwork by auto-filling official forms, reports and documents that are commonly used among staff.
  • Hot Spot Locator. The program identifies “hot spots” (frequent incident locations), so that special attention can be paid to those areas.

What are the benefits of HIBster?

HIBster is the first anti-bullying software program that specializes in both incident management and harassment, intimidation and bullying prevention. As a result, the program keeps the HIB statute from becoming overwhelming or straining a school’s budget. Here are some of the ways HIBster will help you with your school district’s anti-bullying efforts:

  • Simplicity. Having one centralized powerhouse where all information sits lessens the chance of missing anything important. Its organization makes looking for particular incidents easier and reduces the chance of losing any information. The conformity makes it easier on the school districts and ensures superior accuracy.
  • Saves time and energy. Again, there is just one place to go (your computer) to take care of the many tasks involved with law and policy compliance. With HIBster’s automation features, the leg work of filling out forms is drastically reduced.
  • Saves money. You could fill fifty offices (and beyond) with the amount of information this program can contain. Having this information stored digitally rather than physically saves thousands of dollars otherwise spent on paper, ink, files and storage.
  • User-friendly. This is a simple and straightforward program. Users will have no problem finding their way around the interface, especially if they have our training manual in front of them.
  • Secure. All information is safely protected on meticulously secure servers. HIBster ensures that nobody but authorized users will have access to sensitive information.
  • Averts tragedies and lawsuits. HIBster’s red flag identifiers let users know which students require extra attention and which places should be monitored more closely. This helps avoid serious events and their resulting lawsuits, which could damage a school’s finances and reputation.
  • Good PR. By taking measures to make your school district bully-free, the community (especially parents) will be impressed and relieved to know their children can thrive in a positive and safe learning environment. You will find that your district’s reputation will thrive.

How does HIBster provide support for students?

HIBhub Anti-Bullying Community is an online, interactive hub for students, parents and guardians to go to for support and information. The site’s features include:

  • Message Boards
  • Live Group Chat
  • Team Scary Program
  • Learning Centre
  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Student Essays
  • Advice and Information Blog

HIBhub is gaining increasing encouragement from the UFC community. MMA fighters such as Tim Boetsch and Tyron Woodley have shown their support as well as prominent MMA journalists such as Tony Reid of Rattling the Cage.