HIBhub Anti-Bullying Community

The place for support, education and encouragement – for NJ and Pa HIBsters

HIBhub is a place where victims of bullying may reach out for support from caring individuals. Such individuals include other students, volunteers, and professional counselors who are available to talk, listen, and offer their advice. The community is completely anonymous so that everyone can feel secure and free to express themselves without anxiety. Students may discuss particular incidents, ask questions about bullying, seek advice on how they should handle a situation, or educate themselves with plenty of reading resources.

How do I join?

You can join HIBhub by creating an account at www.hibhubcommunity.com.

Forums, Live Chatrooms and Learning Resources

  • Message Boards: Start various conversations about different topics with the other members of the community. The boards are split into several categories – Help & Support, Stay Positive, Success Stories, Q&A and Caretaker’s Corner (for parents and guardians). These boards are moderated heavily to ensure positivism and compassion rather than negativity.
HIBhub Forums
  • Learning Center: Articles, stories, essays, interviews, and blog entries are all helpful ways for students to understand the why’s and how’s of harassment, intimidation and bullying. Sometimes if you understand why someone says or does something hurtful, it doesn’t hurt quite as much.
  • Celebrity Interviews: HIBhub has been shown strong support from UFC world and Mixed Martial Artists like Tyron Woodley, Tim Boetsch, and Charlie Brenneman Periodically, HIBhub will publish a bullying-centric Q&A session with some of the most popular fighters in the sport.
  • Essays: Real students submit their personal accounts with bullying to HIBhub to share with the world. All names are changed, of course, to protect identity.


“I’m all about support for the students, and I like the HIBhub. I like the online support concept when a student is having difficulty, because a lot of these incidents don’t happen in school. There isn’t a support system for the students readily available. But these kids are constantly, constantly connected online and to have an online support system through HIBhub I think is a real advantage of the program.”

Dr. Michael Strutt, Former Superintendent, Butler Area School District

“I believe HIBster, through HIBhub, can allow students to have an outlet for their instance of bullying where they can feel that they have a safe place to go and it’s catered to their needs being such as technological and internet-savvy generation. They’re able to go online, share their stories and are able to do it anonymously.”

Michael Schellhammer, Student Teacher, Seneca Valley School District