The HIBster Club


HIBster Club is an extracurricular youth group that openly protests acts of bullying and promotes positive treatment of others. Members of HIBster club pledge to:

  • Help create a type of environment, both inside and outside of school, that makes it difficult or less comfortable for students to treat each other badly.
  • Improve awareness of the dismal consequences of bullying.
  • Increase the likelihood of an incident-free school year.
  • Improve the likelihood of peer intervention when incidents do occur.
  • Encourage self-confidence through positive messages and activities.
  • Enlighten all students as a whole to treat each other well.


Some of the activities and duties of HIBster Club include:

  • Discussing the current state of bullying behavior in the school.
  • Sharing personal stories and anecdotes as a bully, victim or bystander.
  • Planning and participating in confidence-building activities.
  • Planning and participating in activities that promote kindness and protest hate and violence.
  • Pledging to intervene if witnessing a bullying event (this pledge is recited at the beginning of every meeting).
  • Design posters, flyers and other creative materials that include pro-kindness / anti-bullying messages and imagery and place these materials around the school (with permission from the Principal).

If you are interested in starting the HIBster Heroes club at your Pennsylvania school, please contact us for more information.