Intervention & Referral

Identify at-risk students and manage intervention action plans with our NEW I&RS module. HIBstervention assists school personnel in identifying issues including behavioral, academic, and health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s success. This will help you decide when to refer a child to I&RS and will keep your school compliant with state and federal regulations (FERPA, Equal Access, PPRA, and HIPAA).

Some of the most helpful features of this new system include:

  • Manage student referrals in a multi-user environment
  • Real-time identification of at-risk students
  • Receive I&RS referrals from staff and parents / guardians
  • Log the steps taken by staff and I&RS team
  • View and rate effectiveness of pre-referral measures
  • Sort and list referral assessment data
  • Develop custom intervention action plans
  • Rate effectiveness of interventions
  • Generate documents and reports from I&RS module (ie. End of Year Summary Report)
  • Integrate with SIS modules and HIBster Anti-Bullying Software
  • Archive, access, and print historical data

More information and demonstrations coming soon! Additionally, this system can be used in Pennsylvania schools.

Learn More

Download this PowerPoint presentation to learn more about HIBstervention and how it works.