Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or is that a train heading towards me?

At this time of the year – right after spring and Easter break – teachers and administrators can see that the end of the school year is right around the corner. I often thought that the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel signaled that the end of the year was in sight. It should be a joyous time – spring is in the air, the school year is wrapping up and all is good, right?

But wait, what if it wasn’t the light that I saw? What if, unfortunately, it was a train heading towards me? In school terms, the train could be many, many bad things. As the school year ends, various things can occur in a school setting that can seem like a train barreling down the track right towards you. For whatever reason, the spring season can also signal the beginning of unfortunate events at schools. Think about it: have you or one of your neighboring schools ever experienced one of these at this time of the year?

  • Prom dress-code violations
  • Hazing on the baseball team’s trip to the southern states
  • Parents disrupting the girls’ softball game
  • April 20 events (not the positive ones)
  • Parent jamming a school board meeting because of possible budget cuts
  • Class rank issues
  • Senior prank
  • Other more serious events

Whatever your school experiences, it can place additional levels of stress on an already stressed body. This is not good. Springtime should be a time of renewal and positivity; however, there will be events this spring that may be out of your control. At your school or in your classroom, be ready for any adversity.

My advice to help combat this “train” coming down the tracks:

  • Realize these events are going to happen, expect them to happen and be ready to deal with them. Seek out other teachers or administrators who may have experienced these things before for help and recommendations.
  • Take care of yourself. Stress can take its toll on you physically and mentally. Watch what you eat, get your rest and exercise.
  • Work together. Use your teaching colleagues or administrative cabinet to face these events head on.

In closing, stay positive and be ready for any of those “trains”!

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