Welcome to the ’17 – ’18 school year! If you are an educator, you know this time of the year brings hope and excitement and perhaps some anxiety. I hope this year brings you and your students together to achieve great things!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. HIBster/EDS is proud to present its newest student support software called aSAP! It stands for “a student assistance program.” (See what we did there!!!) Designed for all grade levels, it helps schools manage referrals to their student assistance or child study teams.

Other highlights of the program include:

  • Completely integrates with you Student Information System.
  • Allow staff to submit initial referrals and even upload documents/pictures.
  • The student assistance/child study team can do a quick referral if there is an immediate need.
  • Allows the coordinator to send out observation forms to school staff.
  • The teams can create a behavior/academic/social intervention that can be shared.
  • The aSAP! software has an audit component that date stamps all actions.
  • Completely electronic – no more paperwork.
  • Can assist with state reporting.
  • And more!

The program is growing rapidly in Pennsylvania but can be adapted for all states. Learn more at hibreporting.com or contact me at [email protected]

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