Yep, October is right around the corner and that means it is also National Bullying Prevention Month!  Is your school ready?  Hopefully, you don’t have much to do because your school has already planned events throughout the month (and year).  If not, don’t worry….there are many ideas out there for schools….just google them!

As the director of education for HIBster/EDS, I have the opportunity to visit many schools throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  To be quite honest, I learn a lot about the schools as soon as I step into the building!  I can actually sense the building climate by looking at the pictures on the walls in the lobby, talking to the secretaries and walking the hallways.  We all know that school climate is a key ingredient to student learning.  We also know that students learn best in a caring, supportive environment! 

Do you think you have a positive school climate?  Does your school effectively deal with bullying issues?  Does your school have proactive practices, procedures and policies in place?  Do your teachers and more importantly, your students, believe their school has a positive climate?  What is the perception of the school from the parent’s perspective?   If you are wavering on your answer or want to do more, I recommend these for your review…..only you and your colleagues know your school community so I am sharing a number of resources you can choose from:

  • How to Create a Positive School Climate by Vicki Zakrzewski

  • Building School Community, Culture, and Climate Education World

  • School Culture and Climate ASCD

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