One of the most commons concerns with anti-bullying laws is that it is overwhelming for schools to follow procedures efficiently. Specialists and Coordinators have to review the incidents, run investigations, write letters to parents / guardians, fill out the necessary paperwork, correspond with other administrators, and write up reports, all the while making sure it is all done before the deadline.

When documents, spreadsheets, and e-mail are all that are used in the anti-bullying process, the results can include confusion, stress, overtime, delays and (possibly) penalties.

How HIBster helps

HIBster simplifies this process by taking all of the procedures involved and lets you to do it all from one place. There is no reason to open another program – HIBster is the word processor, spreadsheet program and database all in one.

  • Incident Management: HIBster collects reported incidents electronically and stores them all in one place, where users can then review and manage them as necessary.
  • Task & Workflow Management: HIBster notifies you when an incident is submitted, when a deadline is approaching, and allows you to assign incidents to the next person in the workflow.
  • Report Generation: Instead of manually drafting a new report yourself, HIBster will generate one for you based on the information already stored in the system.
  • Document Automation: No need to write a new letter or fill out a form for the umpteenth time. HIBster automatically populates data into documents for you.