As 2017 winds down, I have paused to take a look back at the year and what a year it has been!  Our company continues to grow and we have added new software programs (HIBstervention, aSAP! and Onspire) this year and we are very happy with their growth.  We have been visiting schools and conducting demos or trainings either in person or online on these programs.  We have listened intently to the needs of schools and incorporated many of their fantastic ideas.  Our company thanks everyone for their ideas and suggestions!

However, as I approach the end of my third year with the HIBster and EDS, I am also thankful for are the new relationships we have made with educators in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Texas!  I have personally met some really neat people and have made special connections with them as well. 

Conducting demos and/or trainings either in person or online has also showed me the strength and resiliency our educators demonstrate every day.  I am continually impressed with their desire to grow and be lifelong learners (yes that is a buzzword!).  Whether it has been at conferences or trainings at schools, I have met tremendous educators whose singular focus is how can we help students?  I offer a big thank you for allowing me to come to your schools and work with your staffs and for continually trying each day to help the children that come to your classrooms every day.

HIBster and EDS are looking forward to 2018!  As part of the team, I am also looking forward to 2018 for a number of reasons too.  I can’t wait to share our software programs with more schools and states and I really can’t wait to meet the great educators in the schools across the United States!  All the best to everyone in the New Year!!!

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