Lodi Public Schools

“The NJ Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Act is the most comprehensive school anti-bullying legislation in the nation. Educational Development Software boldly stepped to the fore to develop a suite of products and services to assist school districts manage, prevent and remediate incidences of HIB and to educate school staff, students, parents and community members about the NJ Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Act. HIBster Incident Management System, HIBsterVention, HIBster PD, BALANCED Social-Emotional Curriculum for K-8 and Team HIBster are all outstanding products and services provided by EDS under the HIBster brand. I recommend every school, public and private, join the HIBster family. Their services are invaluable. One cannot place a price tag on the psychological and emotional cost to any student who falls victim to harassment, intimidation and bullying. HIBster’s suite of products and services is the best investment a school district can make to develop and maintain positive, safe and civil schools for its students and faculty.”

Jamie Edward Ciofalo, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator


Jersey City Public Schools

“Before HIBSTER, our ABS’s and fax machines were working overtime, and very often, paperwork was misplaced or lost… Since HIBSTER, the process is painless, everything is at our fingertips, from reports to incidents and HIBSTER’s customer service is top notch. With a student population of 40 schools and 28,000 plus students, I don’t think I could work without it…”

Paula Christen, Director of Student Life and Services/Anti-Bullying Coordinator


Paterson Public Schools

“With close to 30,000 students located in 57 different schools, HIBster has been a godsend in tracking and organizing incidents of HIB. The district has increased reporting, limited our liability and we are now able to focus on addressing bullying behaviors as intended with the ABR. We would be lost without it.”

TJ Best, Anti-Bullying Coordinator


Elizabeth Public Schools


“Implementing HIBster stream-lined our process and made it easy to keep track of our required timelines. It made managing the required HIB reporting process for 35 schools much easier. The ability to run numerous reports at any point facilitated the use of specific data to enhance school processes and climate. I would certainly recommend HIBster to other districts.”

Eunice Y. Couselo, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator


Shore Regional High School District


We have been using the HIBster program for almost a complete school year and it has made my life (the ABS) so much easier. The program makes me more efficient in getting cases completed and is no longer burdensome. I don’t have to complete pages and pages of duplicate forms anymore. Everything is just a click away in the program and the only form I use is the statement page which is then simply uploaded to the HIBster program. The ease of entering the information is great, even if I get interrupted, I simply save it and come back to later in the day. Another time saving example is that I, along with my ABC (anti-bullying coordinator) can view something together and don’t have to be in the same office. It is seamless and your team is quite responsive with any questions or concerns. I have received answers from your team the SAME DAY!! That is quite a feat in itself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great program!!

Jennifer Czajkowski, MAStudent Assistance Counselor


Keyport School District


Keyport’s relationship with HIBster began several years ago when we began utilizing it for HIB processing and compliance. The software allowed parents, teachers, and the BOE to feel that we were not just being compliant with HIB requirements, but that we were committed to each and every student and parent in our community being able to report in person and using our App which is directly connected to our website.
Our relationship has grown throughout the years and we are now streamlining our I &RS process. Our district is committed to working with HIBster as we do this work and they are directly working with us in the provision of tiered intervention. Our next imitative is the transition to 504’s.
It is rare that a district can utilize one piece of software to achieve as much as we are with the HIBster.

Lisa Savoia, Ed.D. – Superintendent


Newark Public Schools- George Washington Carver Elementary School


The students significantly benefited from the Bounce Out Bullying! and character education seminar for students sponsored by HIBster Anti-Bullying Software. Our learning community discovered that they each have the power to stand up to bullying and violence: Expressing how one feels firmly, walking away from a negative situation, and talking to a responsible adult are effective ways for removing the bully’s power. During our 2017/2018 school year, we will continue to implement programs where our students will learn to channel positive energy, build robust friendships, and Bounce Out Bullying!.

Kyle Thomas, Principal and John Gabriel, Vice Principal


University Heights Charter School


“HIBSter keeps us on track with HIB across all stakeholders – Board, Staff, Families, State – and made our anti-bullying efforts more organized and effective.”

Misha Simmonds – Executive Director


Burlington Township School District, New Jersey


“If your days are anything like mine, every minute is valuable and used for the task of highest priority. For the first couple months of the school year, I was investigating every HIB report with paper documents and spending hours on typed summaries and report review meetings with administrators. Since the implementation of HIBster, I have been able to spend more time with students instead of paperwork. All information can be kept in one place, and the administrators and superintendent can simply log in to review each report. The program was simple to learn and the Pitt Bull staff is friendly and easily accessible. HIBster has improved the process of documenting HIB reports. I can’t imagine my daily life without it!”

Tara Winkelspecht – Anti-Bullying Specialist

“With the inception of New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, each incident of bullying needs to documented and corresponding paperwork sent out. With these strict guidelines, there is a lot of information to keep organized. In the beginning I was using Mircosoft Access/Excel; this was a feeble attempt at keeping the program on track. In October, HIBster was introduced to us. This new collection tool was exactly what I needed. With HIBster I can input as much data as I want on each of my cases. I am able to view all the information and edit it as needed. I no longer have to cut and paste from Word to Excel to Access. All that I need is in one place. There is a feature that allows me to check off when I have notified parents, administration, the superintendent, etc. I can print monthly reports and send my findings easily to administration. I can now search for common features that each incident might include, which has helped to shape our anti-bullying program. It is such a relief to have a tool that helps me stay organized and in compliance. I have truly appreciated utilizing this tool; it has made my new position that much easier!”

Dana Middleton, M.Ed. – Anti-Bullying Specialist


Leechburg Area School District, Pennsylvania


“The HIBSTER software is the next logical step for schools in helping to deter bullying acts in school. The information gathered from this reporting software provides schools the important data in recognizing trends and types of bullying that is occurring within their districts. Schools will then have the ability to act on these reports and utilize additional resources in helping to curb these hurtful acts.”

James A. Budzilek – Ed. D. Former Superintendent


Butler Area School District, Pennsylvania


“On my examination of HIBster, I think the most impressive feature is just the comprehensive nature of the software program in terms of incident management. It helps you to be thorough in your investigation. It covers all facets of harassment, intimidation and bullying behavior that schools are responsible to deal with. It has the communication piece for parents and the reporting piece for state requirements. I think regardless of what approach or program that a school district is using for bullying prevention or intervention types of approaches to bullying harassment and intimidation, this helps you to be very consistent and very thorough.I think HIBster ensures that there is that measure of consistency because it gives you an approach to dealing with this kind of behavior that ensures that you are thorough in terms of your investigation, your handling, your reporting and all facets of communicating with parents and other parties involving with these types of incidents. In our school district we have 14 schools, and as a Superintendent it’s extremely important that our principals are consistent in the way that they deal with harassment, intimidation and bullying behavior.”

Dr. Michael Strutt – Former Superintendent

“I think that the most important features of HIBster are two things. First of all I think that it saves an incredible amount of time with the autofill feature in that it enables us as educators to go in, put in all the pertinent information, and it will autofill to the state required form and send it automatically to the state. You can also track where it’s happening, when it’s happening, how it’s happening… and all of that data is then complied – and it can be compiled graphically, in a table, and through numbers. We can see exactly where, when, and how it’s happening and who it’s happening to. It makes it so much easier for us to be able to do something about it. I think that school districts that are going to be using HIBster are going to find that they’re going to save time, they’re going to save resources. And in the economy that we’re in right now, most importantly, they’re going to be saving money. Secondly, I think that HIBhub as an online community is incredibly important for young people to be able to go on, share experiences of their bullying, and have licensed counselors be able to come on and give them support, guidance, and things of that nature.”

John Michael – Social Studies Teacher


Riverside Elementary, Pennsylvania


“In my school district, we don’t have any software that is specfic towards bullying. However we always have to report any instances that happen where children are bullied, they happen in the classroom or we know of something. It takes a long time to fill out everything. Then you have to report it to our Dean of students who then takes care of it, and then that goes into a file for each student. With the HIBster software, it not only records for each student but it keeps a log of everything that happens and the different places where bullying can take place… I think that’s a great aspect. One of the great things I like about HIBster is the fact that it organizes all the statistics with the kids and the instances that happen – such as on the bus, at recess, and in the hallway.”

Marlee Yamnitsky – Art Teacher


Clayton Public Schools

Clayton Public Schools recently hosted a training session for Anti-Bullying Specialists on techniques for doing HIB Investigations. Our presenter for this session was Melissa Straub from High Impact Youth Training Solutions, LLC. I must say that all participants were thoroughly impressed with the presentation. Ms. Straub’s knowledge of the subject matter is excellent! In particular, she has great insight with respect to how students use social media in bullying situations. Her presentation included valuable information along with powerful videos that really “hit home” with respect to the effects of bullying on children. Ms. Straub answered all questions posed throughout the presentation. We definitely left the presentation with a better understanding of how to do HIB investigations.

I would recommend Melissa Straub, without hesitation, for anyone wishing to host this type of training for their staff. I am certain anyone experiencing her presentation will undoubtedly be as impressed as we were.

Joe Valentino – Supervisor of Guidance